how to add points

How to find the real add points port in fish game?Each slot machine is mainly working on  program of the mainboard of which there are several cable lines are connected to the motherboard.(there have add point cable ,minus points cable and  automatic press points  line)

when we used emp generator to add points we must to find the add point cable as long as found it emp jammer effective

(we can try strong emp jammer if the slot machine Panel is very thick)

jammer slot on fishing machine

1.If the slot can automatic press points when used the jammer that mean emp jammer can working on this slot

2.Similarly if the slot minus points than mean we can used the jammer working on it also

If you have make sure the jammer working on it then we need to find the add points cable place :

Press the jammer power on near the Press button  or running lights of the panel Move and move slowly

jammer slot machine china 2016

(add points cable near the minus points cable normal)

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