Jammer slot

Jammer slot EMP generator anti alarm for fish game

Can working on all button add points slot machine at price 170usd/pc free shipping Model JSB01

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1, applicable models, with a sub button on the game machine plus 100% through
2, unique signal backflow device, 100% through the alarm.
3, specially made conductive solution, conductive performance is strong, no residue, no trace.

Fruit machine, fishing machine, 3D animal, birds and beasts, horse racing machine any with button game machine, aiming at the key operation, do not need through the lock on the sub points, so regardless of the electronic lock or lock induction of game machine, as long as a key game machine are effective

16 thoughts on “Jammer slot EMP generator anti alarm for fish game

      1. The add button does not work here……only the out button works…….every machine has a bill acceptor even the fish game…..can this also work on the bill acceptors

  1. Hello my name is wong. I want to ask if the jammer only use for add point for let say wukong machine? Can it jammed the mechine so call only open the wukong charater?

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